Things I would like to be different about Nike Fuelband


So I have been using Nike’s Fuelband for about a month and enjoying the fun motivation to be more active that it adds too daily life. I have even started regularly running again.

No doubt Nike are working on a ton of new features, here are a couple of things I would love to see in future releases of the web app and in the planned API release and the upcoming integration with Nike+.

1. More flexible goal setting

At the moment you can set a goal for that amount of Fuel you want to score in a day. One of the main things I appreciate is the daily motivation that gives me to hit that target. However some days I know are going to be more active than others because I can fit in a run or whatever, it would be great to be able to change the daily target of the course of a week. That way I would have an extra reason to go for that long run on a Saturday as I have an extra big target.

2. Ability to extract data

Pretty annoying to only be able to see the data Fuelband collects in a bog standard graph. Would be very interesting to be able to look at the data over different time scales and so on in order to see which activities generate the most Fuel. It would also be great to be able to extract the data to use in different applications. Guess we will just have to be patient and await the promised API.

3. Ability to see different metrics

The alternative to being able to extract the data would be more specific metrics. For example as a runner a good indicator of efficiency is cadence. It seems like it would be a pretty simple metric to output as Fuelband already measures steps, so it would simply be a case of showing that over a short time period like a minute.

4. A Fuelband community

There is lots of competitive opportunity with Fuelband and I like being able to see which of my Facebook friends are using Fuelband. But there aren’t many of them yet and I would love to be able to connect/compete with other Fuelbanders instead even if they aren’t yet Facebook friends. And Nike could play in celebrity fuel scores as well for some extra fun!

5. Context based sharing for games etc

I can also imagine a lot of fun could be had if you were able to connect and share with other Fuelbanders based on context. That would mean you could create all sorts of competitive games with the people near you on a basketball court or similar, you could hook it up to a big screen and see the games scores in fuel increase in real time for example.

So overall a great product that I’m looking forward to getting better and better. What do you think?

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