Don’t act like a child, vote Remain


So I’ve just voted in the EU referendum.  I don’t normally use this blog to talk politics but there is a first time for everything! and I don’t remember ever feeling as clear about a voting decision…..

The EU referendum is decision between being an adult or being a child.

When you are an adult you have frequent moments where you don’t want to accept reality. Where you wish it all just wasn’t happening, where you put off and dodge the difficult and messy and uncomfortable parts of life.  Where you allow your inner child to take over and retreat to the sofa either literally or metaphorically, and wallow in a safe world that doesn’t involve the uncomfortable reality you are trying to avoid.  There is nothing wrong with that. We’ve all done it.  But being an adult means you don’t allow yourself to stay in that La-La land for long.  Sooner or later you have to grow up and grasp the nettle.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 07.52.55For me a vote to leave the EU is a vote to stay on the sofa, a retreat into an imaginary, unreal world, a comforting fantasy that mollifies our insecurities and fears.  I never expected to agree so strongly with AA Gill when described the statement “I want my country back”  as the ultimate expression of hopeless nostalgia.

I’ve just voted “Remain”.  There is lots that troubles me about the EU, about sovereignty and immigration.  But life is chaotic and messy,  uncertain and ever changing.  We need to be adult about it and confront the reality that we are living in, and tackle it with bravery and open hearts.  And fundamental to solving any problem is other people.  Pushing away a whole continent of people won’t help.  It is an act of isolationist childishness.  So lets not covet “otherness” , let’s choose togetherness instead.


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