About Me

willnichollsA bit about me: 

I’ve over 15 years experience in creative agencies such as BBH, Dare, Mother and Saatchi & Saatchi as well as client-side at Nokia. I’ve worked on media neutral integrated campaigns with digital experiences for companies like Unilever, created one of Nokia’s first touchscreen smart phone app, grown Baileys’ social media fanbase by 100%, launched a content site for Sainsburys that created an extra £100k a week in sales, relaunched No7 cosmetics increasing sales by 50%, helped Boots have their best ever Christmas, and developed innovation for The Sunday Times. I believe in the power of creativity to solve business problems and I have a restless passion for finding new ways of creating meaning for people and value for brands.

Things I am good at/like doing/want to be better at:

• Thinking, creating, making, and do-ing – brand strategy without great execution is just powerpoint
• Finding new ways for brands to create meaning and value for people and stakeholders
• Highly creative marketing communications, and highly relevant innovation
• Growth strategies across the full marketing stack
• Coming up with great ideas and getting the best creativity out of people
• Providing a different perspective, challenging consensus, holding the contrarian view.
• Helping multi-disciplinary teams from agencies and client organisations work better together
• Choosing the best channels, tools, process, production approach and people from both the traditional and the digital marketing space

Some stuff that I find ace:
Instagram. Hypebeast. A nice pen and paper. Good shoes. The Tour de France, Rapha.cc. Welsh Rugby. The occasional practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Cycling like a loony. Bass music – current favs the Swamp81 fam, Keysound. Always DnB, Burial, Photek. Rachmaninov. Lucian Freud. Modern Toss. Iris Murdoch, John Fowles, Thomas Hardy. My precious lawn. Car clubbing with Nicola. Minecrafting with Max. Peppa Pig with Blaise. The king of cheese Vacherin Mont D’Or. Viognier. 7 year old Havana Club.


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